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Teddy Bear Solid Surface Cutting Board

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Price: 35.00 USD

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Solid surface Cutting Board in the shape of a Teddy Bear. Approximate Dimension 1/2" x 9" x 12". Random colors depending what is in stock. Special color and quantity requests available at custom proposal pricing. You can how ever ask for a color, and if it is in stock we will gladly sell it to you.

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Custom proposal for engraving is also available for groups and functions

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09.09 | 21:25

Helmart did a fantastic job on my kitchen ! Jeff was very professional and honest to do business with. thanks for fantastic customer service . give them a call

19.08 | 14:07

Please contact me to quote my kitchen.

12.04 | 20:23

Counter top looks great, just what we were wanting in our master bath.

13.02 | 09:09

Please email a drwing or your information to and I will be happy to help

Thank You, Jeff